In the summer of 2016, Nawras and Modar performed a theatre play that was called
ʻIk hou van Hollandʼ together with Sabri Saad El Hamus and Nizar Rohana at the Parade
festival in Amsterdam. On the second day after one of the shows in Amsterdam, a man in
tears approached Nawras and said: “ You touched my heart! Even without me
understanding a word”, and that was Lucas Dols.
One year later, in June 2017, Lucas invited Nawras, Modar and Ghaeth to join @Sounds of
change benefit concert in Paradiso Amsterdam. In that concert Nawras met with Caro
Emerald and created an arrangement of two pieces that fused the classical Arabic song
“One thousand night and one night” with the original song of Caro “A night like this“.
That's how “One thousand night and one night like this” turned out to be the start of the
band Dyar.

Dyar means “Home” in Arabic. “We believe that Music is the language that brings us
together in a safe place in which we are free to express and share, to love and be loved, to
connect and be vulnerable”. Dyar is everyones home and everyone here is welcome!
Dyar performs besides their own compositions a varied repertoire of classical, traditional,
modern, experimental and world music. They explore world music through interdisciplinary
collaborations and cross-cultural projects.
The band has shared the stage with many great artists such as ( Oene van Geel, Janne
Schra, Tony Roe and many others ).
They performed for, Grachten Festival, Le Guess who, International Music Meeting,
Tweetakt, North See Round Town, Wonderfeel, Djemaa el Fna, On The Roof and more.
Performed in, Paradiso, TivoliVredenburg ( Hertz, CloudNine, Ronde and pandora) , De
Meervaart, Theatre Walhalla, Splendor , Beautforthuis and more.
Grachten festival: “ Dyar band is known for their rendition of traditional Arab music with
influences from jazz, hip hop and other Eastern and Western music styles. Dyar is the
Arabic word for "home" and that's how the band sees itself. "In Dyar we see an imaginary
house where people feel at home, where everyone is welcome and where Arabic and
Western music live together.”

Lucas is a bass player based in Amsterdam. He studied double bass and bassguitar at the conservatory of Amsterdam and played in Room Eleven, Tin Men and the Telephone and with Renske Taminiau, van der Vlugt & co and Janne Schra. He performed with many (other inter)national artists and toured through different countries in the world. In 2017 he founded the organisation Sounds of Change, which use the power of music to train strong community builders in refugee caps and marginalised areas

in the Middle East. 

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